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Hello! My name is Sarin Suvanasai and the gym is my second home. I’ve done CrossFit for 13 years now (yup, started when I was 10) and have been a head coach for five of those years at 2 different gyms. I got my CrossFit L2 certification when I was just 19 years old. Most of my time now is spent at work where I’m a software engineer for the DoD (let’s talk tech… or anime… or physics… or fish… yikes that’s a lot). The other half of my life is spent at this very gym where I train twice a day in pursuit of my goal to win the CrossFit games. My passion is competing and I have been competitive in football, wrestling, rowing, soccer, tennis and now my biggest competitive stage so far is being one of the best CrossFit athletes on the planet! I want to bring that passion to The Neighborhood and help you find your competitive drive whether that’s being competitive with yourself, with the gym, among your friends, or with the world. Let’s build each other up as we all conquer our individual goals!

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