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Dunbar, Jen


My CrossFit journey began just over two years ago and I find yoga to be its perfect complement. Yoga has helped me to move with my breath and pace myself for long-haul workouts and strengthened my mind-body connection, particularly important for the gymnastic aspects of CrossFit. My yoga philosophy aligns with yoga and meditation teacher Bernie Clark who said, “We don’t use the body to get into a pose. We use the pose to get into the body."


In my classes students are invited to feel into their body to find their edge in a pose, determining whether to press on to a deep stretch or pull back to find the perfect balance of ease and work. We also use deep intentional breathing to gain energetic benefits and increase capacity for endurance.

Classes will be sequenced to compliment the prior week’s WODs. This involves strengthening and stretching the major muscle groups and increasing mobility and body awareness.


My next professional goal is to attain Yoga Yin certification, so I am able to help practitioners optimize range of motion, similar to a ROMWOD approach.



  • 200-hour Yoga Training

  • Certified Yoga Teacher

·         First-Aid and CPR Certifications

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