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Caruco, Sandy


Thanks to CrossFit and years of expert coaching from the NBHD’s own Adam Murphy, I have no doubt that my 40(ish) year old self could crush my younger self from a fitness perspective.  To give just one example, as a second lieutenant in the Army at Fort Campbell, I remember attempting the “Iron Eagle” challenge, twice.  I failed to achieve my goal both times because I could not complete the required number of strict pull ups (5).  Now, I can confidently do that many strict pull ups at any time during a warm up!  My approach to nutrition is also vastly different than it was growing up, thanks to changes to my lifestyle and approach to food.  


My real fitness journey started in 2015, when after suffering an overuse injury from running and gaining 35 pounds, my husband and I started Foundations.  Since then, I have truly enjoyed the challenge of getting healthier, stronger, faster, and working to achieve gymnastics skills I never dreamed of having.   I feel SO lucky to be a part of the NBHD coaching team and community, and look forward to helping you during your own fitness journey, whether you are an experienced CrossFit athlete or brand new to the sport of fitness! 



  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • CrossFit Strongman Seminar


Coaching Experience

  • Capital CrossFit Alexandria

  • CrossFit Old Town


Competitive and Training Highlights

  • National record holder, Strongman Corporation, Log Max Clean & Press, Women’s Light Weight Masters

  • 2021, 2022 Strongman Corporation, Masters Nationals Qualifier

  • 1st place, Strongman Corporation, 2021 Noble’s Strongest Man, Women Masters (WM)

  • 2nd place, Strongman Corporation, 2021 Brute Strength Summer Throwdown, WM

  • 2nd place, Strongman Corporation, 2021 May Flowers of Power, WM

  • 2nd place, Strongman Corporation, 2021 My Iron Valentine, WM

  • 2nd place, Strongman Corporation, 2019 Arizona Beer Bullies, Women’s Lightweight

  • 2018 Wodapalooza Strong Competitor

  • 2018 Virginia State Champion, USA Powerlifting (USAPL), 2018 Virginia State Champion, 57 kilo weight class

  • 2018 USAPL, Nationals Qualifier

  • 1st place, USAPL, 2017 Virginia Last Chance Qualifier, 57 kilo weight class

  • Completed two marathons and the JFK 50 Mile race in 2011

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